Sunday, December 14, 2008

Backpackin' through Patch...

We woke this morning with the full intention of packing the boys into their respective carriers and getting a good practice run for our many hours long excursions during the cruise in January. Much to our chagrin, the weather was going back and forth between sprinkling and raining. So we had cut our walk short. We were planning on heading off base to use the walking trails that start just outside the main gate and walking for a few hours to get the boys more acclimated to their carriers. During the cruise we are planning on using them extensively, seeing as most of the places we want to visit aren't necessarily stroller/pram friendly.

So, instead of a two-hour jaunt through the backwoods, we had to settle for a quick walk around the rain. Undaunted, we got the boys all packed in, which is a feat in and of itself. Caden isn't too much of problem as he doesn't wiggle as much, but Rhys normally fights his carrier tooth-and-nail. This morning was unusual in the sense as he seemed eager to get in and be out of the house.

As we headed out of the house, we got some funny looks from a few drivers as we were probably the only knuckleheads out in this kind of weather with our kids having a stroll in the rain. We walked for a good half hour, checked the mail then came back to the house, a little colder, wetter, sorer, but having enjoyed our little walk.

On a side note, we wanted to post a few photos from a friend's birthday party that we went to last weekend. It was at the Panzer bowling alley and other than the always swift nature of the bowling alley catering staff, a good time was had by all. Rhys spent most of his time running back and forth from the arcade, to the playroom, and made an occasional dash out onto the bowling lanes. Caden enjoyed himself too, as he usually does anywhere he goes. Once the pizza was served, Rhys made himself busy by scarfing down a couple slices, then proceeded to dump a glass of punch all over himself. Thankfully, due to the quick thinking and resourcefulness of my wife, his jeans were restored to a mainly dry state with the help of a restroom hand dryer.

What can I say? When you are raising a couple of monkeys like ours, you have to be ready for whatever life gives you. :)


Miles Makes 3! said...

Oh that is too cute! Emma looked thrilled in her picture! lol
Miles has only been in his backpack a couple hours at most so the cruise will be interesting! I have a feeling us backpackers will be hanging in the back with our whiny kids :)

4 on the go said...

Ah I was cold and wet so Having a picture taken was no the best thing to do.