Friday, December 26, 2008

Brit Style Holidays

So with this being our first Christmas in Germany we decided to make it as much of a British holiday as possible, with the day beginning at the butt crack of dawn and instead of the kids waking us up the roles were reversed with us dragging the boys out of their beds which oddly enough having great pleasure with doing so. In a sense of YEAHHHHHHHH IT"S OUR TURN TO ANNOY YOU :) which failed miserably as both our boys decided to laugh and hide playing games with us.
After enjoying some time unwrapping gifts and playing we set off cooking. Turkey, Roasties, Stuffing, Bacon wrapped around Sausages (All British produce of course, we took a two hour journey just to get the essentials), Yorkshire Puddings and so on. You may ask why on earth would someone do that, it's just food well the answer would be I'm a Brit at heart and feel the need to have home and with coming from a huge family it only felt right to invite some people over. Oh we can't forget the crackers which everyone thought was strange. I love popping them and wearing the silly paper crowns with the really crappy joke and silly gift. I've been doing it since a little kid so it only seemed fair to start the tradition with the boys.
We have to say that we had a blast with the two families and their children which made our day completely. It's not everyday that you meet amazing people and we are learning a lot from them, especially from little Alora who insisted that my wardrobe and draws were not to her satisfaction as she emptied them around my room. i think my clothes are quite happy all in order now though ha ha. I can admit now though that it took until we had all sat down to eat to relax due to myself doing the usual "OH NO I HOPE EVERYONE LIKES IT" routine right up until we all sat down to eat. Thankfully i had no complaints during the meal so lets hope and pray it stays that way.

As you can see we have a group shot with no boys, one was fast asleep while the other was to busy making roads with our furniture and the dinoco twins.
On a side note today is Boxing Day and the hardest day by far to be away from home so again i have to say Thank you to Ria, Chris & little Sophia for joining us for some good old left overs and Turkey Curry made by yours truly. There was no Alcohol involved whats so ever which was a big change this year and a first for us but a lot of laughter and mishaps with my wonderful yet naughty boy Rhys. I'm now off to enjoy a warm cuppa with some Christmas pudding & Custard and Chocolate Digestive Biscuits. Mmmm!!

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Miles Makes 3! said...

Aw Ems! I love it! You guys are awesome and thanks again for making that yummy meal. It was delcious, and you are right--no complaints!
We thoroughly enjoyed the cracker-popper things and I am sad that I left my mini-tape there. (My prize). You are right again--those were the worst jokes I have ever heard!
That is halarious about Alora. Maybe she can come reorganize my closet as well, lol.