Friday, December 5, 2008

Holiday season

So the Holiday season has officially kicked off and we find our self's in one of the best Countries for this time of year. There so many Christmas markets and festivals to see and not to mention the snow that we have had so far.
Last night I took the boys to The Stuttgart Christmas Market which has been a German tradition for hundreds of years ( we also went as a family a week ago) so here are some pictures
Rhys and I on the Train last week.
Caden and I in front of some beautiful Christmas trees.

Us girls decided to try Gl├╝hwein which is a hot drink that they serve this time of year, due to driving I had to have the Kinder one which is for the children, ha. It was actually a really nice, bitter sweet kind of drink, Rhys was not fond of it mind.
The other thing that we have still yet to have this season is Crepe's, which is like one of our pancakes at home but with a choice of chocolate, fruit etc... Which reminds me of the fruit on a stick covered in Chocolate that both myself and Rhys enjoyed between us.

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