Saturday, December 6, 2008

Tubingen Chocolate Festival

So we decided to take a trip to see this years chocolate festival with some friends and sure enough i felt as if we were in CHOCOLATE HEAVEN. To begin with we didn't quite know what the fuss was about but as we started to see the stalls around the town it became quite clear that we would either feel sick after our trip or spend way to much money.
Funny enough we did both so here are a few pictures of our trip

Adam decided to try a chocolate beer while i was happy with my little santa but did pinch a bit of his beer just to taste. Only here would you see a chocolate beer.

and at long last we stopped in the rain just to try a crepe full of nutella.

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Miles Makes 3! said...

Eeeeww a chocolate beer? Was it chocloatey? And beery? lol