Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Civitavecchia, Italy

Our first port was Civitavecchia, Italy. So since we were in Rome and Florence just 18 months ago with Rhys we opted out of the tours for Rome and took a pleasant walk through the port-town. Not to our surprise we found a lot of the area to be quite dirty but just as beautiful with all the old structures and statues dotted around. After spending what seemed like forever walking we spotted a little Italian bakery where we insisted on getting a pastry. No one can come to Italy and miss out on their food. Adam’s was quite nice not to suit with a bit of custard in the middle. As for mine, I think I swallowed about a pound of chocolate, ha ha. Needless to say I had a chocolate high after that.
We did how ever find a lovely spot down by the sea to take pictures and just being together as a family. Rhys found a little beach ball attached to a bat at a local shop which he just loves and Caden finally has his second tooth which finished breaking through today. The only problem we had yesterday was the wind, it was something fierce and only got worse today as we make our way to our next port stop.
We finished last night of listening to Rhys and a friends little one sing karaoke better then the adults I will admit and a lot of cheese cake.
Today we have had our typical stressful day that always seems to occur on a holiday with us at some point but thanks to the wonders of the spa on the ship I was relaxed instantly. Rhys how ever has begun losing things left right and center. Tonight we decided to do some family quality time by watching two shows. The first being Duo Platchkov which was an act from the Moscow Circus. I will admit was pretty neat and the second was the elegant magic of Paladino which was something out of this world. It’s the second time we have seen him in action but tonight was just WOW!! We are adding just a small amount of pictures for now and by our next blog we will have seen Athens, Greece and Izmir, Turkey.

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Letteers-R-Us said...

Can't wait for pictures! I think I would have loved to see a magic act! It's so cool all of things they have available for guests!