Monday, January 19, 2009

Wet'n'wild at Ulm

If going on a 12-day Mediterranean cruise wasn't enough, Em, myself and the boys decided to take a quick road trip to the lovely town of Ulm. I know the town's name is quite short and odd-sounding, but thankfully the name doesn't describe the town. I found Ulm a good-sized city with a robust city center with lots of stores, a long and rich history and many buildings with interesting architecture.

Anyway, this morning about 9:30am, we all hopped in the car with a moderate amount of provisions, a couple hand-written addresses and my GPS and started our 1 hour long trip to town. The road trip there was rather uneventful as the route is a straight shot east on the Autobahn 8.

Not long after entering the outskirts of the city, it began to snow. And it snowed. And snowed. It snowed the entire time we were there. Needless to say Emma and I, who hadn't prepared ourselves for heavy snow, ended up looking like a couple of drowned rats not long after entering the city center. Thankfully, the boys were bundled up in the pram and had their rain covers to protect them. The only thing we heard from them during the walk around town was some mild protesting about being covered with plastic.

Before we went into the city center we stopped by Toys'R'Us to check if they had a double pram that could replace our old one, that is on it's last legs. Unfortunately, they had nothing we liked. Instead we bought some party stuff for Rhys and a sippy cup for Caden. From there we headed into town.

As we made our way through the town, we came upon the massive structure that is St. Mary's Cathedral. The cathedral is a classic Gothic cathedral, finished in the 1900's. It was beautiful and ominous at the same time. The snowfall gave it a strange quality. As always Em took some photos, and I hid nearby under some cover with the boys.

After the cathedral, we headed into town to take a look at the shops. One shop we stopped at was a massive clothing store that had four floors. On the third floor we found the kids section. For some reason most of the shops, including this one, had lots of children and adult costumes. This one also had a big section of prop hats. We stopped there for a moment and tried a few on. You can see the results below.

After that we walked around some more, going in and out of shops all along the center, trying to avoid the snow and rain. I unfortunately did not wear boots but instead wore my tennis shoes so I kept almost falling on all the snow/rain mix on the ground. Emma found this quite hilarious.

After we finished our perusing in Ulm we stopped in nearby Neu-Ulm to try another kid's store for a double pram. Same deal as before with Toys'R'us, they had a few double prams but none we liked. We left feeling defeated. To celebrate this defeat we stopped by a local vendor and bought ourselves a couple brats and some chips (french fries). Shortly after a late lunch we made our way back home.

In the end, Ulm and Neu-Ulm was a mixed bag. Weather was crappy and we didn't really find what we were after, but instead we had fun with what was around us. Sure, we were drenched, cold and empty-handed, but we laughed and enjoyed ourselves in the lovely town that is called Ulm.

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Letteers-R-Us said...

I'm glad you guys were able to make the best of it and had fun!