Sunday, February 15, 2009

78 hours more or less

What a world wind four days which broken down looked like this...
35 hours of flying
8 hours of waiting at airports
1 hour waiting in a Que followed by half hour of hunting down my ride

Friday morning we all made the trip up to Stuttgart Airport in freezing weather, A lot of snow, ice and traffic followed by problems checking in. For some reason the German lady didn't seem to sure of my passport and decided to take it away with her. Turns out they were looking over my stamp from Egypt. Go figure!
Then as i finally arrive at my destination i hear my name being shouted out to go to a certain check point which lead to almost an hour of getting lost, confused and all because My mate had yet to arrive at the airport. I will admit though seeing one of my best friends faces as myself and her fiance walked into the bar made the whole trip worth while and in great Emma tradition i ordered a not so nice beer in a almost pint glass and relaxed and just had an amazing night out.

The big shocker was arriving at my hotel, as i walk in my room i see 6 heart shaped balloons and red roses waiting for me from my wonderful husband. It did sadden me though knowing that i couldn't take them back but it was really nice to have apart of my heart sent over.
I just hope he realises that I'm expecting this every year now *smiles*

The weekend flew by with a quick shopping trip a wedding and two nights out. I promised that i wouldn't post any wedding pictures until they get back of the honeymoon so instead i will put one up of us at Billy Bob's
Yes they some how managed to drag me to a country place, something that i do not intend to do again but it was quite an experience.

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Kristen said...

KUDOS TO ADAM!!!! Good Job Ol-boy!!!