Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cot Sharing

When it comes to bed time in our we have a pretty good routine set up which normally consists of bath time, teeth brushed, reading books and then bed. Now we have our ups and downs where we forget to read or one of them refuses to sleep etc.. but all of a sudden Rhys has taken to getting into Caden's cot. This started while i was away over the long weekend so we both figured it might be a one time thing but sure enough while Caden was all snug in his cot Rhys decided to climb on in for another night. Again we spent the best part of two hours trying to get Rhys back in his bed but ended with Adam having to stay in the boys bedroom until they had both passed out.

The big Question was would this happen again and sure enough as i tried to put the boys down for a nap it happened again. I'm running out of ideas on the matter and I'm really at a lost on what to try next. We won't put Caden in his own room just yet because he hates being alone which i think goes with all the time he spent in the hospital.

Maybe it's time to get Caden in a Toddler bed since he enjoys laying with Rhys while we read books

Here is a picture of them both, i swear Caden smacked Rhys while i was taking one of the pictures mind you i would as well if i had a monster of a older brother climbing all over me and stopping me from sleeping

I think it may be time for them to both have hair cuts after looking at these pictures. ah It's not fun as Rhys screams the entire time and it will be Caden's first hair cut.


Letteers-R-Us said...

We went through that for a little while as well when the kids shared a room, but we just kept putting Alora in her bed and telling her that she could hurt the baby. She eventually stopped. Also, there for awhile we would put Alora in her bed first and when she fell asleep, then we would put Ethan to bed. We also had a playard in our bedroom so that if he really needed to go to bed and Alora wasn't asleep yet we would just put him in there, and transfer him once we knew everyone was well asleep.

Ria and the Fam said...

I can not believe Rhys actually climbs into Caden's crib! What a crazy boy. It is cute though.