Thursday, February 26, 2009


I finally made the trip home with the boys and thankfully the flight itself wasn't all that bad apart from Rhys screaming for the first 15 minutes of the flight due to not being used to the belt. Now that he's two we had no need for the car seat but once we took off he was great, playing the whole flight with his cars while Caden slept the entire way

The boys were playing quite contently together in the first picture and then here we are at Stanstead being picked up. We actually only had one bag between us the others were the car seats. It was also the first time that Rhys had walked all day so it's taking some getting used to with the both of u.

Then we have last night up the good old Rugby club for the Wales V's France game. Sadly we lost but it was an amazing game and great to watch it with a good ole pint of beer. The boys had a fantastic time running around like crazy with the other kids while the adults watched the match, drank and ate Curry.

Rhys running around in his Welsh Rugby Shirt

Here are the boys passed out, Caden just loves Grandad

I knew there was a reason why i missed home so much, the atmosphere last night was just out of this world plus all the great food from my favourite dish Gammon steak with chips, peas and fried egg. then you have the cakes. I have lost count on how many Welsh cakes that myself and the kids have scoffed down. I'm hoping to take the boys to Wales this Tuesday and i must remember to take my big camera as the little one just isn't good enough ha ha.
On another note i have seen such a change in both boys since arriving here. Rhys is slowly starting to speak again and rambling all the time. He genuinely seems much happier here and i have to Thank my baby brother for that. then you have Caden who is trying to figure out standing up on his own and walking along the couch. I have two very happy boys just wish Adam was with us.

Ah and if your wondering about the title, my bloody mother is trying to teach the boys to say it ha ha


Letteers-R-Us said...

I'm glad you and the boys are having such a good time and that the flight went pretty well for you! Tood-a-loo!!!!!

Ria and the Fam said...

I'm happy you are having a good time at home. Eat some curry for me.