Monday, February 9, 2009

Weight battle

This past week or so has been hard enough as it is with both the boys being ill and both taken to the emergency room but today seems to of been a low point in our household. Rhys and Caden caught some sort of virus which ended with Caden staying in the hospital for what seemed like forever even though in actual fact it was just hours. Normally kids get sick and within a few days they are running around causing trouble and getting under your feet but for Caden it seems to last quite awhile and opens the door for all sorts of problems. we have now reached a week and my poor baby is still stuck to me like glue and unwell

Here comes the fun part though we had a doctors appointment this afternoon and yet again we spent over an hour getting dick ed around just to find out why we had yet to be seen then on top of it i get a lecture for my son losing weight in a space of four days. Yes i said lost weight, Caden had managed to hit 18lbs last Thursday and now we are back to 16lbs. If it wasn't enough pain of seeing my son go down on the scales after we have spent the last year concentrating on getting his weight up they have to get a jumped up twat to shout at you for not looking after your child. Needless to say i lost my rag with them.

yes i did give them a mouthful because this is my child, my life (I live for my children and would jump heaven and earth to do something for them).
In not so many words i told them that if you had spent three days doing nothing but crying, throwing up, gasping for air, coughing, being attached to monitors, having people examining you etc..... that you two would of lost weight and there for you had no place to tell me that i was not looking after my child!!
Is it not enough that i did the one thing that i could to make sure he didn't become dehydrated and forced fluid down him, not enough that i spent hours covered in sick comforting my child who was in pain and trying my damnedest to get him to eat just three spoonfuls or an ounce of formula just so that he had something in him.
It really annoys me that people with out kids think that they have the right to say your not doing your job right or your an unfit mother or so on. Now i know it's there job to say these things but come on there is a way to deal with patients and the parents.

On a side note Caden is doing much better today. He has managed to keep down a bottle of formula and two meals. He is still quite sick but on a whole much happier within himself.
The poor boy got another for shots today so he is now suffering from that but shocked us all when he didn't even cry during them. We really do have a little fighter with us and i know that as he continues to get better that we will reach 18lbs again but for now I'm proud of my 1 year old prince.


ski said...

I am so sorry the nurse was such a, well, to put it nicely? Wait, there is no nice word for the way she treated you. Congrats for sticking up for yourself and the boys. There are so many more tactful ways she could have gone about noting his weight change, especially since he has been sick. Thoug I cannot believe they went ahead with his shots given his current illness. Hopefully things will get much better soon and you will have a HUGE eater on your hands. Sounds like things are slowly beginning to improve.

4 on the go said...

Thanks though i did feel bad after it was done and dusted.
I expected him to lose weight after allit's normal when they are sick but ah.
All i can say is that i've seen animals run things better then these people.

Letteers-R-Us said...

I am so sorry to hear that their sickness went so bad. That's so sad! It's good to hear that Caden is eating more now though. Let me know if you need anything and I'll try to help.

Daxton's Personal Assistant said...

What a crappy week. So sorry the boys have been sick, but glad things are looking up. Also glad you gave that nurse the what-for. What a tool. Maybe next time she'll think before she opens her mouth!