Sunday, March 8, 2009

buggy Board

A little over a week ago i bought a new single pram and a buggy board that could attach to the back. So this past week I've been trying to get Rhys to walk as much as possible, up and down hills for an hour at a time. He seems to enjoy it for small periods of time and Caden loves his new pram.
How ever this past weekend was our big test when i decided to travel by myself on a train with both the boys in tow. The train ride to Bristol went pretty smoothly apart from Rhys falling asleep 20 minutes before we were due to stop. The boys had a blast with there Auntie Lou and Jake, while i can't wait or them to move to Germany later in the year.

My godson Jake was so helpful with the boys and they had so much fun with him

On the way home Caden had a slight accident and ended up wearing one of my jackets which i made into a baby grow using hair bobbles and clips ha ha. Not the neatest thing but it worked until we arrived back

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ski said...

I love the board you put on his stroller. TONS of our friends in Germany had them. I never had use for one since the kids are so far apart, but I still want one! HA! I could make Wills stroller into a scooter?? Glad the journey went well. Be safe.