Monday, March 30, 2009

Memory lane

Tonight i set out to clear our main computer due to on going issues and begin again. This is a daunting task with work from both myself and Adam, pictures galore, random documents and so on. I was about to wipe it when i came a cross some pictures. These pictures always stop me in my tracks. I seem to lose all control and my heart skips a dozen or so beats. I look at these pictures and instantly feel sorrow, pain, hopeless, loved, blessed, torn and joy. You might think wow here is a crazy lady but honestly that's a small portion of my feelings. We will never have the right words when it comes to talking about it.
Just looking at these pictures reminds me of how lucky and blessed we really are even with our cheeky little buggers. These are four of possibly hundreds upon hundreds of pictures but they hold a special place in my heart for each one was a turning point.
Rhys 2 wks old
This is just hilarious. He always had us laughing amongst the tears

Here is our chubster just 15 days old on one of his brief moments with out breathing aid

Caden at 5 months, It's one of those funny yet adorable pictures.


ski said...

What sweet babies! It is so nice to be able to watch them grow into such handsoem young men.

Letteers-R-Us said...

Your babies are amazing!