Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mothers Day

Today is Mothers day in the UK and i woke up to find a very bad yet cute home made card saying happy mum's day. I think Adam forgot to order one online but it was nice to see scribbles from the boys *smiles*. So with that being said Adam had us take off for Vogelweh at death o clock this morning to look for a few bit's for myself but in great em tradition the morning was spent shopping for the boys and Adam. Adam ended up getting some games for the wii while the boys received essentials for our new activity day that we will have once a week.
Not to mention that at long last we were able to get a hold of a wagon for the boys which i can not wait to try out. This in itself made my day. Just knowing that they were happy was enough but Adam did have a way to make the day very special by Bowling and eating at Chilli's. yes i am a sucker for bowling and what better way to spend the day watching the boys bowl for the first time. Rhys had a blast and loved watching everyone bowl while Caden was content in trying to eat the balls. Before we had the boys we used to bowl every week for hours and now that we know that the boys enjoy it i think it will become a family activity once more. So here are a few pictures of us all ( excuse the bad pictures but Adam was not on form today lol)

I just love this picture except that he was really getting ready to lick me which he did succeed and thankfully Adam missed getting the picture.

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Letteers-R-Us said...

How fun! Happy Mother's Day Emma! I'm glad you found your wagon!!