Sunday, March 29, 2009

No more beakers

Recently Caden has been wanting to do the exactly same thing as Rhys, myself and Adam. Always trying to copy Rhys with playing, eating, coughing etc..
Over the last week though he has been wanting a big boy cup. At first over each meal time we would give him an empty beaker with out the lid but he quickly caught on to that as he lobbed it in my direction. So over the last two days we have started putting a little water in a cup.
Here is our amazing little stinker growing up way to fast.

Please excuse the state of him, he is such a messy eater ha ha

(he is also teething as you can see from his red cheeks)I love the fact that the cup is half the size of his head and just look at those chubby hands. For the last year i've longed to see those cute little baby rolls on him and now here they are. Though he is still very skinny he is my chubster ha ha.We really are lucky with our boys. On another note Rhys has been doing so much better over the last week apart from being sick. i will post an update on him later though.


Miles Makes 3! said...

Aw, he's so grown up now. Miles doesn't even use a cup yet. Cute!

ski said...

YAY!! Will doesnt use a cup yet, though he is attempting it while playing. We have those exact cups. Morgan still uses them! :)

4 on the go said...

I love the cups. good old Ikea lol
We think the only reason he likes the cup is because he want's to do eveything his big brother does

Letteers-R-Us said...

Those are cute little chubby hands! They're adorable! Yay for Caden and his drinking from a cup!