Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Oreo's (plus Caden's update)

A little monster of mine found his way into the kitchen. Normally this would not of been a problem but he can now open cupboards so he manged to get a hold of daddy's oreo's.

I guess the baby gate wasn't dirty enough he decided to give it a wash with oreo slobber

On an upside we had him checked over last week and thankfully he is advancing in almost every area apart from his weight gain. He only put on a little less then half a pound in two months which means he is still yet to reach 19 lbs like they wanted. Instead Caden is now 18lbs 10oz.I know not far off at all. The strange thing is he eats like a horse and is pretty much off all baby food and eating solids constantly. he is crawling though so he does burn a lot of energy. On another good note i think we will have a little walker soon as for the past month he has figured out how to stand up against things and walks along the furniture. Watch this space i will soon be pulling my hair out even more as both the boys will be on the lose ha ha.

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