Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Adventures in "Volksfesting"

Em and I very rarely get a chance to go out on our own. Our two precious monsters are quite unique and many times Em and I just kinda overlook our own social lives to take care and look after them. Thankfully, a friend of ours made the offer to look after our little angels/demons while Em and I got a chance to enjoy the Volksfest in Stuttgart. The previous afternoon we took the boys downtown to play in the park and visit the fest. We all enjoyed ourselves at the park, but it took quite a while to walk to the fest from there so it ended up being late by the time we got there. We walked around a bit, but with most of the rides being suited for older children, we decided to grab some sweet and head back home. Here is Em giving the boys some cotton candy (candy floss).

Em and I decided that if we could find someone to look after the boys, it would be a great idea for just us two to head back. Funny enough, someone had offered to watch the boys already earlier that week so we actually took them up on their offer and decided to go. :)

After dropping the boys off with our friends, Em and I drove into downtown Vaihingen and attempted to catch the train into downtown Stuttgart. I say attempted because although I've had at least one experience on the train stations here in Germany during orientation and Em has had a lifetime of experience on the UK train system, we both ended up confused and frustrated trying to purchase our tickets. A helpful german gentlemen ended up advising us on what tickets to purchase and hats off to him for making a very stressful situation much better.

After about a 20 minute train ride into Stuttgart and a quick walk from the train station, Em and I arrived at the Volksfest. It's a very large fair, much larger and sophisticated than the fairs I went to growing up in Louisiana. There are a fair amount of rides for all ages, games, and plenty of food and drink.

Em and I walked around for a bit just mapping out the things we wanted to do at the 'fest while we had our free time. We decided that even though we were starving, we'd hit our rides first, then have our dinner (tea) and walk around a bit more. Then I would stop to have some beer and Em to buy some sweets for us and the boys. We couldn't help ourselves to a bit of chocolate covered strawberries to stay our collective hungers for a bit though...

The first ride we went on was the largest ferris wheels I have ever seen. We could see the thing from miles away while we rode the train into Stuttgart. Neither Em nor I had been on one that large before and it was a lovely, romantic treat for the both of us. Seeing Stuttgart from such a high vantage point was nice too.

Em also thought it would be interesting to get a perspective shot of the ferris wheel with myself in the foreground to get a good feel for the size of the thing. I'll let the picture do it's own talking.

After the ferris wheel and much hemming and hawing, Em and I decided to get on a rollercoaster. Now, I enjoy a good scare from time to time but I can't really say with much conviction that I enjoy rollercoasters. Emma is downright petrified of them. But, we both decided to face our fears and climb aboard. The rollercoaster we went on wasn't very tall but it was very fast and threw us both around quite a bit with its diving twists and turns. After about two or three minutes we both got off and decided that it wasn't as bad as we'd imagined but at the same time it would be awhile before we got on one again.

Now that we had vanquished our fears, it was now time to vanquish our hunger. Em and I both enjoy the food here in Germany and whenever we can get the opportunity to sample some German food we do. We stopped at one of the many food venors and bought a very lovely yet very large brat and a large order of fries (chips). Even though I could have probably ate it all myself,

(and yes, I did try) there was plenty enough for both of us. Sometimes it's just nice to share a meal with the one you love...

With brat and fries finished, it was time for a quick beer and a stop to buy sweets and candy floss for Em. We walked over to the food section of the 'fest and I stepped up to a bar to order the lovely local Stuttgart Hofbrau. Unfortunately for me, this bar was rotating! I thought this was an a very interesting concept for a bar and I told Em that I guess it would ensure the more drunk patrons a reduced chance to get further drunk due to their inability to walk up to the bar and order. Below is a picture of me and my lovely pint, and yes, that is an elk of some sort behind me. Don't ask.

Empty pint glass/souvenier in hand, Em and I left to pick up our sweets and head home. We got a baggie of assorted sweets for ourselves and the boys and Em got her coveted candy floss. She very much enjoys this treat and it has become quite a ritual to have some whenever the opportunity arises. Here is a picture of her enjoying her prize and we leave the fest to head back to the train station and our lovely boys.

Even though we had fun, we always think of them and miss them whenever we're apart. Em and I spent most the train ride back in sweet yet sad silence, happy to have had the opportunity to enjoy our day but also looking forward to getting to see them again.

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Letteers-R-Us said...

I'm glad you guys were able to get out on your own for a bit to spend some time together!

P.S. That was a huge ferris wheel!!