Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spring clean

Today was a pretty quiet day so i set out to spring clean the flat and prepare all the winter clothes and so on for storage. The first job on the list was to clean the playroom up and thankfully Rhys decided to help some what before pulling everything out again.
Here he is sweeping the room for me. He has a thing for this hat and puts it on every morning.
This week we have donated three big sacks full of toys to playgroups and have still yet to open half of the ones from Christmas not to mention all of our new art supplies.
We also had to move most of our d.v.d's out of caden's reach since he now enjoys chewing on the covers. Look at this pile and it's not even allof them. I'm thinking Adam needs to find a hobby ha ha.
This photo has nothing to do with our day but it was way to cute of a picture. Caden has picked up a habbit of wanting to brush his own teeth while holding his brother's toothbrush. It's quite funny to watch. Yesterday as i was brushing Rhys teeth caden was getting angry because none of us would let him brush his teeth. Now he's a little guy but he isn't half strong when it comes to something that he wants. he almost pulled me down to the floor in his temper. Needless to say i will just give in from now on especially since it's a good little habbit for him to have.

Now i'm off to finish packing all the winter clothes away. oh the joy ;)

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Letteers-R-Us said...

I love the playroom!!! Good job! That's so cute about Caden. He's a growing boy! :)