Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring Sprogs

We've been so spoilt with great weather over the last week so after playgroup and my workout we decided to head out on another trail. Thankfully Adam was let out of work early so he joined us along with a friend and her two kids. The mum's took the two older ones running up and down the hills while Adam took the two youngest in the buggy. By the time we reached half way i think all the parents were slacking whilst the kids were raring to go. In all we spent two and a half hours walking through the trails with the sprogs and of course we couldn't miss the frog pond. We had a slight surprise when we found a few on the path, as you can see below.

We were also greeted by two ducks who insisted on some food.

Rhys instantly liked the ducks yet wouldn't let them get all that close. However the ducks had other ideas as they tried to reach his feet. Something tells me these ducks spend a lot of time around people but we all had a blast watching and feeding them and if a few hours of walking wasn't enough we decided to take the kids to the park.

Here is Caden on the swings, It's his favourite thing to do at the park.

I'm loving spring, listening to the birds chirp and being able to spend hours outside is so refreshing. Now i just have to patiently wait for the end of May where we will travel through 9 Countries in 16 days.

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