Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Training begins

At 4 am this morning i started getting ready for the next three days, moving all rugs, cushions and toys that we would rather keep clean. Along with stocking up on nappies(for Caden), drinks, snacks, towels, anti-bacterial wipes etc..
The reason being is i had the great idea to see if it was at all possible to potty train your child or should i say Rhys in three days. Yes we opted for an e-book on 3 day potty training.
The main strategy for this has four points which is to be PATIENT, yeah that one was hard for me at first, POSITIVE, DEDICATED and give lots of ENCOURAGEMENT.
Lets just say the first three hours were extremely long with Rhys spraying like a race horse and myself trying my darnedest to not moan,scream, cry and show any negativity what's so ever. By 11am i was ready to give up after washing 12 pairs of pants and cleaning up over 20 times.
When out of the blue Rhys hit the mother load, the boy took a dump and i actually managed to catch it. Not with my hands of course ha ha. From then i could see hope for the day lasting.
As the day comes to a close i have had to wash 30 pairs of pants at least 3 times each, mopped who knows how many times, bathed the boy a lot but most of all Rhys has used his potty 3 times.
The best part of today by far was i did not stress out with him and besides the accidents we had a great day bonding. However if your wondering where Caden was he was indeed here with us. I'm quite sad that I payed more attention to Rhys but he did take it on the chin and has had some quality time playing with Adam.
This picture was taking this morning before 7am, you can now see what Rhys looks like while singing. bless his cotton socks he was belting his heart out and it looks like it from the pain on his face.

While here Caden ocupied himself playing with tissues
On an upside Caden has gone to bed for the first time with out a drink of milk. It's official the boy is now a toddler trying to be a grown up.


ski said...

YAY potty training! Oh I just cannot wait....or maybe I can! We are so not even close to there yet and that is way ok with me! I have heard of the 3 day method before and those who use it swear by it. It took us a week with our oldest, Morgan. We did do A LOT of laundry but it was so worth it. We bought big girl panties and just stayed home for the week. It was great and she got it very quickly. Hopefuly your little man will catch on in no time. Good Luck!!

Letteers-R-Us said...

Haha! Well, atleast your having some good moments through this! :)

Daxton's Personal Assistant said...

I actually have met one of the people that invented the 3-day method... I met her in the bathroom. Ironic? We use it a lot in my line of work and I'm a big fan. Good luck, and I hope it works out for you!