Monday, May 11, 2009


Cutting hair in our household seems to be a deadly task which always results in at least one of us crying. I usually end up crying afterwards mainly due to embarrassment as they pitch some sort of fit, this in returns makes me want to take a mad dash for the exit.
Who new cutting hair could be that bad. So after our last attempt i refused to go back in the barbers with either one of the boys and insisted on buying a set of hair clippers for home.
This should be easy right?
I mean how hard could it be especially since i used to cut my brothers and there friends hair all the time. Well lets just say I never want to do it again *Laughs* especially not on my own.
This is Rhys before I began, he is looking at the chocolate on the table (I new enough to have some sort of reward right next to me)
Here he is half way through having a fit which i don't blame him. I would leg it if my mother came near me and attempted to cut my hair.

This bottom picture is of him cheesing for the camera with a chocolate and hair covered chin. The poor boy has messy hair now but it will have to wait until he is asleep to be fixed.

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Letteers-R-Us said...

I love the last picture!