Tuesday, June 16, 2009


We have finally made it back from a very exciting yet long Family holiday so now The blogging of the trip begins. Though i think it might take two or three blogs to cover it all.
While in The UK visiting Family we decided to take the boys to Good old Wales. This in it's self was great for the mum of the house as I long to go home and with the weather being great what better way to see home then visiting Family and hitting the beach. This was Caden's first time and The first time that i had seen my Auntie in 14 years.
Hope you enjoy the pictures
Caden loved the mucky water

Rhys however did not ha ha

Here are my two little cousins Dylan and Oliver with my boys

Look out for our blogs on Russia, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Estonia and an exciting find in Germany

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The Letteer Family said...

What a great time! Oh to be at the beach again! It's wonderful! ...and to be with family! :)