Saturday, June 20, 2009

Family Fun

As part of our weekly routine with the boys we headed out on a family day which seemed to be packed full of activities. Starting off with Cadens first trip to the swimming pool with all of us together. The great thing about the boys waking up at 5am is that we are always the first in line, of course it's never easy preparing them that early in the morning but never the less we manage.
Caden took to the pool like a bat out of hell while Rhys did his usual " I'm not getting in there" look. Thankfully though once you throw him in he's off up and down the slide a thousand times. It also seems as if we have a water child among our mist as Caden loves the pool.

Sadly for us we completely forgot the boys cars armbands but Luckily we had these in the car, shame the floatation device isn't all that great.

After a spot of lunch and some shopping we headed off on our first Family bike ride, needless to say this did not run smoothly at first, with the boys getting used to sitting so close, Adam forgetting to lock apart of the bar for the stroller and My bike acting up. It doesn't help that instead of being sensible and taking a nice level route we opted for a bike trail with hills galore and gravel pits but of course it wouldn't be us if we took the easy route. Again though it was packed full of laughs, almost tears and much sweat which mainly came from Adam ha ha.

and since Adam leaves in a few hours we treated him to a family meal down town which went down extremely well with the boys.


The Letteer Family said...

Aaron, the kids and I just went on a bike ride yesterday as well so we know exactly what you mean. It was so much fun! There were also lots of laughs and because I TOTALLY fell, there were some tears as well...and laughs! :) And of course Aaron had the pleasure to pull our two youngin's along through some hills as well. Also, I read earlier on FB that you got a pink bike, so did I!

4 on the go said...

ha ha,
where did you guys yours from?
The bike trailer/stroller is crazy but so much fun.