Monday, June 1, 2009


Luxembourg, other wise known as Gibraltar of the North.

We started early taking in the sights stopping at the Notre Dame Cathedral and the golden lady, then going off to join the Petrusse express which was a very cute little train that took us through the Petrusse Valley telling us all about it's history and so on. That on it's own was enough for us to decide that we loved it there. Before leaving the main town we headed for a spot of lunch which reminded us of Malta with it's tall buildings, Spanish, French and English being spoken and of course the Markets.
After that we headed to see some Castles and again we were not disappointed at all.

Our first stop was at a very small place called Bourscheid castle which was located amongst a Forrest which of course led to a photo op on one of the neighbouring mountains.

Second up was Clervaux Castle which again was set in a very unique little village amongst the hills. This how ever did not look like a Castle but it was set next to a very grand looking Church which looked just amazing inside. We really have yet to see something so beautiful. Clervaux Castle had a few museums joining it so we took the time to see the Battle Of The Bulge museum which was rather small but some of the artifacts were astonishing.

Then finally while driving through the Country side we came across a hill top that peered down the a valley below with one of the greatest views I've seen in Europe
So naturally curiosity caught us and we trekked down to the bottom for a quick photo op.

If that was not enough we stumbled across another beautiful village called Viaden which had a very nice lake going through the town, restaurants galore and Viaden castle. Words can not describe the town. in all we had a fantastic time and can not wait to go back and see what else we stumble across

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That's great you got to see so much there! How beautiful!