Sunday, June 28, 2009

Project restore

Around two years or so a go i set out to buy a new dinning table since ours was light, had glass panels and the wrong colour seat covers for children. Never the less two years pass and i have yet to buy another one. Bearing in mind we now live in Germany and being stuck at home most of the time with the boys meant hunting for one ended up being put back. The sad thing is that we now only have two years left and i refuse to waste money so I came up with the great idea of revamping the old and making it new.
It's a work in progress but here is the beginning..
The old slightly warn chair

With the first coat dry and testing the fabric out

Fabric up close, easy to keep messy prints off

Just six chairs and a large Table to complete by Thursday, along with curtains in our main bedroom and new ones for the boys.

Note: the fabric is not attached to the cover in the pictures, it was just wrapped to See the result so far.

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The Letteer Family said...

I like the color of the stain. Good luck on everything!