Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I normally mark July 15Th as just another simple day in the life of the Williams household but as usual Adam had other plans. It all started at 4.40 in the morning as he woke me up with his routine of hi, I love you and I'm off to work but this morning he left with an extra sentence.
"There are some items waiting for you on the table"
Naturally curiosity got the better of me so off i set to find out and sure enough i had two very special cards flown from the UK and a set of diamond earrings. Perfect right?
I guess not as not only did both boys wake up in excellent moods offering me long hugs and a ton of kisses but upon returning from a friends i found Adam with the largest bunch of flowers that I've ever received, a cake and a table full of gifts.

We were also lucky enough to spend some time with a few friends and a lovely family meal at a local German restaurant. Which i have to state the food was amazing and we will be returning for more. To end the night we watched the new Harry Potter film and even though it was disappointing in some ways with missing out a lot of the plot it was still very exceptional and funny.

Here's to the next year!

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The Letteer Family said...

Sounds wonderful! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!