Monday, July 6, 2009

A Year

It's hard to believe that this past weekend we hit a year living in Germany. Who would of new that myself and Adam would meet with Him being from the States and myself from the UK but here we are approaching our 4Th wedding anniversary with two wonderful yet slightly bonkers boys and living in Germany of all places. This year has flown by and though we have had many ups and downs, more downs then up we have come out of it stronger then ever. Though the bonus would be that in the past year we have traveled around Germany, Italy, Turkey, Greece, Malta, Egypt, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Denmark, Luxembourg. We also made a few trips to both of our home Countries but some how they just don't compare to what we've seen. So I have to be thankful to Adam's job for giving us the opportunity to live here and we very much look forward to our future travels, may it be two more years here or somewhere new.

Here we are a year later
(I must state that Adam actually hit a year in Germany as of may 12th and waited patiently for the boys and I to arrive)

On a side note we had a very crazy 4 day weekend with Adam arriving home from a trip, us hitting a year here, 4th of July and a day trip this past Sunday. It was good to slow down yesterday but the day seemed to be over before we new it.
We did enjoy some good old company with some friends on the 4th of July with great food, a few beers and some semi good fireworks.
This was the best we could do for a picture with the boys not caring for the camera!
One of the 100 pictures taken after 11pm on the 4th

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The Letteer Family said...

Happy soon-to-be 4 Year Wedding Anniversary and 1 Year of being in Germany! That's awesome and crazy at the same time. And you're right, you guys have been able to see so much during this one year. I wonder what's in store for the next two. Is there anything left to see? :) JK!