Monday, August 17, 2009


This past weekend we headed towards Berchetsgaden for our first family camping trip with a few other families that we know. While driving to our camp site we enjoyed amazing views and each morning greeted with not only the sun hitting the mountains that surrounded us but the soothing sounds of the river as they crashed past the rocks. The local river that runs through Berchetsgaden was the strangest shade of green i have ever seen and though it was beautiful the smell was a little less then desired.

One of our stops was to the Eagles nest and though surrounded by amazing views and mountains galore the building alone was all but attractive. If anything reminded us of a shoe box type of prison but since it's a huge part of history it was a must see on our list while here in Germany.

I think other then sitting around the camp site with friends Salsburg was the best part of the trip as we enjoyed the town, the architecture and the homely feeling that was presented to us. The locals were very hospitable and the food was to die for.
We hope to camp there again before our three years are up


Miles Makes 3! said...

That looks so fun! Do you think it's doable in 1 day or do you recommend staying the night?
Man you've hit up all the places we're about to go. Have any advice?

4 on the go said...

we actually did most of it in one day so you should be good. salsburg is less then an hour away from the eagles nest