Saturday, August 22, 2009

Pepper Jack

When you think of chunky salsa, cheese soup, green, red and yellow peppers along with chili powder and chicken breast you don't really think of a meal. Well I can admit to not putting them together but surprisingly combined it makes for a very nice meal.

Here is the dish Pepper Jack Chicken. The name makes it stand out just that tad more and of course no meal would be complete with out a desert of some kind which for us was apple pie and custard with a nice cold bottle of wulle bier.

This is the way Adam enjoys his apple pie, almost completely covered in hot custard.

This German beer has become one of my all time favourites!

On another note i will be heading to the UK in a few hours with the boys for some much needed shopping, cake and family company.

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The Letteer Family said...

The pepperjack chicken sounds delicious!