Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Last day of Volksfest!

Sunday just gone myself and Adam along with a group of friends took a trip to the Volksfest.
We had all previously been during the day with the kids enjoying the rides, food and culture but all felt as if a trip in the tents were needed. So we all reserved a table on the last night of the fest, costing just 20 Euros each which included 2 liters of beer and a chicken per person.
I honestly have no words to describe how great our evening was but luckily we had over 290 pictures just on one camera of beer,food, the German Band, A Matching band and of course a very large conger line that both myself and Andrea enjoyed for half hour.

In all a great night so i hope you enjoy some of the pictures and of course i will save myself and not put the crazy ones up on here. HA!!

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