Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pure Bliss

While out on an afternoon walk i was able to capture this little happy face over and over which was a great experience for us as my little monkey does not usually believe in smiling for the camera.
Normally i get hundreds of shots just like the one below but not today. He started off with the usual expression but quickly changed to the happy smiley boy above and i just had to snap, snap, snap!

Here he is with his little brother still smiling 15 minutes later. Just pure Bliss!
On another note we had to enjoy our first Autumn walk around castle solitude yesterday morning and thankfully we managed to go before we ralised that out car needed repairs.
Again i was overwhelmed with emotion as these memories were caught.


ski said...

Oh Em! These photos are just AWESOME! Love them!!

4 on the go said...