Thursday, February 11, 2010

Just Keeps Falling..

Here we have this amazing experience of living in Germany and the opportunity to travel around Europe but right now I'm dreaming of warmer weather!
Most of January we were covered in snow and as we approach mid-February we are still covered in snow. It's wonderful in some ways and not so wonderful in others, especially when we have places to be or plans that unfortunately have to be canceled due to being snowed in. It's been falling constantly for the past 3 days and showing no signs of stopping any time soon. We've shoveled outside our building four times in 16 hours and we just spent an hour digging our car out!
Now as I sit here typing I wonder if it was wise, our shoveling, with the new layer of snow I see and the fact that the entire country of Germany has run out of salt. So for the time being we will watch as it just keeps falling, try to dig our way out of homes, ski across roads and of course, enjoy another few more days of sledding with the boys.

After getting finished clearing outside our door

You can just about make Adam out clearing around our vehicle

It was hard work that's for sure!

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