Monday, July 20, 2009


While getting Rhys ready for playgroup this morning i foolishly thought that Caden would entertain himself amongst his toys and the episode of bob the builder that was playing. I had the entertaining himself part right but instead of all of the above he chose the full container of wet wipes.
Needles to say i could do nothing but laugh and grab the camera so that i could share this with Adam.
This is his up to no good face!

Rhys on the other hand decided to take a nap by the front door after lunch.
This is a very rare occasion where i have the chance to rad,clean and get on here while they both sleep. but doesn't he look cute especially with the dribble hanging at the corner of his mouth

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The Letteer Family said...

I love it! Both of my children have gotten into the wipes on occassion too. What a mess! :)

I love it too when children just fall asleep wherever. It's so lovely and such a wonderful surprise at times.