Monday, September 7, 2009

Strasbourg France

Yesterday we decided to make the most of Adam's time off and opted for a day trip to Strasbourg. While there we walked through La Petite France which was very picturesque with it's narrow streets and timbered buildings covered in lovely flowers. They had restaurants galore all lined up along the Ill River. The area itself was very peaceful which was just up our ally.

One of the many buildings along the river.
Our next stop was Place Kleber, a bustling square lined with popular shops and a lot of activity.
We took this moment to have a spot of lunch and enjoy the atmosphere of the locals passing by. This is where we found a lot of mice running around which sadly put me off my food but thanks to these little things i became occupied taking pictures.

one of the birds that kept me busy

One of the nasty little things that put me off my food!

The best part of yesterday would be the old fashioned carousel that the boys had a blast on.
They laughed and smiled all the way through which is the greatest gift for a mother to see.

Lastly we stopped off at the Strasbourg Cathedral. This is one of Europe's most beautiful examples of Gothic architecture but unfortunately for us we were bombarded with people using their own babies to beg for money. Due to this and the growing growls from the boys we opted to cut our day short but plan on visiting during the winter season as we have heard the Christmas market is a must see.
One of the many angles.
It's places like this that make me think i need a day out with all my lenses and no kids in tow

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