Friday, January 8, 2010


Today we finally managed to get out and really use our sled for the first time since buying it last month. I have to admit that though it's nice to have snow it's not so good driving out here.
We started off our day by going to our favorite place, Castle Solitude, as last year we had so much fun watching all the German Families sledding down the hills.
Naturally, Caden disliked the majority of it but did enjoy watching Mummy and Rhys go down the hills over and over. Rhys seems to come alive in the snow and would spend all day in it if he could.
There is nothing more satisfying than watching your children smile and having fun the way they were and it's worth getting completely soaked and freezing for an hour or two after.

Here we are enjoying a cup of hot chocolate and short bread biscuits, trying to warm up.

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The Letteer Family said...

That hill looks awesome! I see people sledding down it all the time when we're coming home from church! Great pictures! Rhys did look so happy!