Saturday, January 9, 2010

Snow Day

After taking the boys out sledding at Castle Solitude yesterday, Em and I decided that we'd venture outside and just play around in the snow. It snowed quite a bit over the past couple days and Patch was completely blanketed with a thick coat of white snow.

In the morning we bundled the boys up with hats, coats, and scarves and began trudging through the snow to find a nice place to start a snow fight. Poor Caden was so bundled up he had a hard time moving! After walking around a bit we found a nice, undisturbed area of snow next to some trees and began to play. Emma attempted to make a snow angel and in the first few seconds of making her wings, she was tackled by Rhys.

We tried to introduce the concept of the snowball to the boys, but Rhys was more interested in gathering the snow up in his hands and throwing it up in the air. Em and I threw a couple snowballs at the boys, but the most we got back from them was a cheeky smile from Caden whenever I handed him a big snowball. He, shortly afterward, threw it to the ground and laughed.

Being from Louisiana, I am still getting used to being around snow. Being outside and being able to play with Em and the boys in the snow is still a great treat for me, and I know that I can speak for Em and say that we both will miss this winter wonderland whenever it comes time for us to move on to our next adventure.


Only the Sheppards said...

Great pictures! Didn't know you were from LA... My husband is a New Orleans boy. Small world!

4 on the go said...

Well I'm not but the hubby is!
I'm from the UK!!! :)