Monday, April 19, 2010

Monkey mountain

Sunday Morning we set off with friends to a little town called Affenberg Salem and on route we explored the scenic roads while enjoying games and dancing with the boys. Once we arrived at monkey mountain we were greeted by several pleasant locals who were more the willing to guide us around and explaining the history of the monkeys in the park. The monkeys are actually called Barbary Macaques who live in the park roaming freely within a forest area of 20 hectares. the best part was our ability to feed them popcorn.

I was surprised that they had 200 monkeys, 10 of which were pregnant and the oldest in his 20's. Normally the average live span for males are 21 years while the females live to 23. They did have one monkey last 31 years though which is amazing since they are bread in captivity.

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Miles Makes 3! said...

That's really cool, Emma! We almost went there this past week as well. Maybe next week though. A couple of those monkeys looked pretty freaky on your FB. They sit there like a human. Weird!