Saturday, April 24, 2010

Schwetzingen Palace gardens

We have a class up in Heidelberg that started up last week so we decided to make a day of it and take the five of us out. When i say five i mean myself, husband, kids and of course Bella our fur child. It's rather odd how she's become our baby but if you had the chance to meet her you would see why, pretty much everyday she barks for cuddles, when Adam returns from work he has to greet the boys followed by Bella but more often then not she comes first. She loves to be snuggled up in her blanket and so on yet the boys just adore her and spend hours running around like lunatics. So in all she is very much one of the kids and apart of the family.

Anyway back to our day trip, The palace it's self was very pretty and often used for weddings as we found out yesterday. we must of walked passed several brides all having their pictures taken while other families were enjoying the sun by having picnics, walking their dogs and running around like crazy with the children. Defiantly made us fit in more.
We enjoyed hours of walking and a nice picnic lunch surrounded by daffodils and here are just a few pictures of our day...

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