Sunday, June 27, 2010

34 miles

This past week we've opted to walk everywhere rather then drive and why not since we've had such great weather. As everyone knows we are a family who love outdoors so for us it's the perfect way to get plenty of exercise and enjoy the beauty around us.
Most of the walking was done by myself and the boys while Adam worked but he joined us when he could. I'm extremely proud of both boys for walking as much as they did and for taking little naps in the jogging pram. Little bella even join us on one of our 10 mile walks which ended up being a little dog treat as we bumped into several other families walking their pets.

I can safely say I've enjoyed every second of it even through the sun burn and sweat from going up so many hills. So before i finish this post i figured we would share some pictures from this week.

all of us on a trail

a lizard that Caden came across

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