Thursday, July 8, 2010

Beckenried, Switzerland

During our drive home from Italy we opted to make a stop or two as we entered Switzerland for the sake of our sanity as traveling with 5 toddlers can become quite stressful. At first i was a little worried about finding a nice place without any maps etc but thankfully i came across this most magnificent Lake surrounded my Mountains. As we were driving through the town we noticed a cable car heading up one of the mountains and unbeknown to us at the time we had parked right next to the entrance of it. Naturally we took the car which in my opinion was the highlight of our trip due to watching the smiles and laughter flow from all the little ones.
We later found out the name of the town while eating in a lovely restaurant right on the lake which is called Beckenried.

Here are some pictures from our very short yet amazing afternoon in Switzerland..

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The Letteer Family said...

I LOVE this last picture of you guys!!! Very cool!