Monday, February 21, 2011

Soufflenheim France

Today we set out to find a very tiny town in deed that's well known for it's pottery. In fact I've never seen such a dinky place but nether the less Soufflenheim is a lovely quaint little town.
The buildings have such an old elegance about them that makes it fun to roam around checking out the designs and the amount of pottery shops around was crazy.
It's somewhere that we look forward to seeing again, of course that means without the kids and snow. I would of loved to of spent the day walking around taking pictures of all the picturesque buildings but i was afraid my camera would of been ruined by the snow fall.

However we did get a couple of shots at least and here they are
Rhys waiting patiently with mummy to check out

Caden being a ham

one of my new pottery dishes, love it!

I found this house slightly creepy yet fascinating.

We spotted this on a side of a building.

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