Thursday, March 10, 2011


It's been a rather uneventful month so far mainly due to myself and the little ones catching the lurgy left right and center, I was going back and fourth to the hospital for awhile as well but thankfully we're all on the mend at long last *Keeping my fingers and toes crossed here*.
The one nice thing about being stuck at home though is the spring cleaning that has commenced with the help of my better half. It's amazing just how much we collect throughout the winter months and we're happily downsizing during our downtime.

Which leads me to the whole downtime, this year has been crazy already and we're only 3 months in so we decided to take some downtime with very little going on.
This in all honesty has been lovely and quite refreshing but leads us to the idea that our downtime should go throughout the year. As odd as this may seem I'm looking forward to it as it opens us up to explore our back door. We've lived here almost 3 years and spent more time traveling around other Countries then the places around us. We've seen quite a bit of Germany but i think it's time to see more especially with us having another 3 years here.

It's still hard to believe that we will be in one place for 6 years in total, yikes!

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