Thursday, December 11, 2008


So yesterday i decided to take myself out in the snow for a good few hours. It was actually quite refreshing to be stood in the middle of a Forrest covered by falling Snow. It was just peaceful, time to recollect thoughts and so on.

So after everyone kept asking for pictures i decided to take my D90 along for the ride. I some how managed to take 80 pictures in less then 10 minutes and since i was writing the blog it was best for me to put up my worst pictures up ( that's me being some what safe in my own little world)

I will say though that i have never arrived home being so refreshed before like yesterday.
Here are some pictures of our third snow since October.

Rhys has taken to the weather extremly well. He loves to stand there with his mouth wide open looking up at the snow flakes as they fall.


Letteers-R-Us said...

How pretty! Where was this?

4 on the go said...

Not to far from Panza.
It's only due to taking pictures mainly outdoors with clients that i've found most of my out door spots