Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bath time

During this week i have spent most of my time trying to make things as easy as possible with the boys since Adam has been working these crazy shifts. The whole who can i get down to sleep first, which one is easier to feed, the usual banter.
As most of you know Rhys does not like Caden all that much and insists on pushing him away if he dares to get to close but i decided to go against my heart and bath the boys together to save me oh about 30minutes as both boys love bath time. Well shockingly they played together, splashing each other and my self, eating bubbles and throwing their bath toys around the tub.
It may seem daft but this was an amazing feeling to finally see both my boys playing with each other and for once none of the crying. unfortunately for me though my plan backfired as they did not want to get out.

I love this last picture of Caden sporting is wild hair do, I did however put the wrong pj's on him so he looks like a drowned rat. For the life of me i couldn't work out why Rhys's set would not fit him until i turned back to see Caden in the door way ha ha