Friday, February 20, 2009

Breath of fresh air

Isn't it amazing how the smallest of things can change your mood, outlook and confidence all in one go. It's defiantly not been easy adjusting to life in Germany and i don't mean the change in Country, culture or language. It comes mainly from the way people interact with each other on the bases or should i say the lack of interaction, respect and so on.
I've been blessed to meet a few folk out here but unfortunately for the most part i keep bumping into the wrong sort and with my nature i tend to let things slide time and time again which does more harm then good. It finally got to the point that i was fully intending to give up but that was until tonight.
As we had a very welcomed surprise when a friend called to say that she would be stopping by along with her family. So instantly we became nervous since the house was no where near ready for visitors after doing a photo session not to mention being nervous. It's been over a year but as soon as they arrived and little Dominic ran over with arms wide open i was taken.
This little boy is such an amazing little kid, full of life and spirit who melts my heart every time i see him. I actually remember him being two months old and watching him while his mum worked since i had the privilege of maternity leave. The thing that struck us was how at home we all felt like we were still back in the UK where Adam played poker with Charlie and myself and Nicole enjoyed girl nights in with the kids etc.. Oh i can't leave out the kids. I have never seen Rhys play with another child the way he did tonight. It was as if they played daily without a care in the world but then they have known each other since birth so maybe they remembered each other. It was nice to see Rhys share and Dominic give kisses to Caden. In all we had a great few hours. Mind you i wish we had eaten a little earlier then 9pm since i feel wide awake now ha ha.
Anyway the visit has left me feeling like i have more energy, grateful, peaceful yet happy that i had the chance to relax and laugh with some great company. They reminded me of why no matter what i will always push through even when i know there is no hope. They reminded me of how much you need friendship especially with living a Military life but most of all i feel blessed for having them in my life. Who knows maybe we will get stationed near each other but if not that is one family i fully intend to keep apart of our life's. They have shown me a great deal over the last few years so Thank you for that.
Here is a quick pic of myself and Nicole


Letteers-R-Us said...

That's so sweet Emma. Military life is hard, especially when it comes to friendships and finding ones that will last. For me, it's just getting out. I'm so scared at making new friends for some reason. I just can be really shy. So sometimes it's hard for me to want to even try because of feeling let down or like I'm not meeting up to expectations or whatever, the awkwardness...I wish we could just zoom past the beginning stages of a friendship and just instantly act as if we've known each other forever, you know? I'm just a scaredy cat, and the fact that I have like no energy is a factor too. At other times, I just want to go out there and meet everyone that I can because I do have an outgoing side to me too. That side doesn't come out nearly enough though. Anyways, sorry you've been so down lately about that. I'll try harder. :) It's good to have those really great friends in your life. By the way, I like the new background.

Miles Makes 3! said...

Sorry you're feeling that way Emma. Hope things look up for you! Military life is no joke. Moving every 3 years or so can definitely take it out of you, especially when it comes to friends. You should come to play group with us on Tuesdays. I think you'd find it refreshing and it would you give you something to look forward to every week that involves friends. Keep your chin up.