Sunday, February 22, 2009


With today being our last day all together for three weeks we decided to pack up the kids and head out in the snow. Normally this consists of a short walk around our town but today with the snow being quite bad we decided to take a drive. Luckily we had only been in the car for about 15 minutes when we spotted signs for a Kinderwelt and naturally curiosity got the better of us.
Turns out we found a little indoor play area not just for the kids but the adults as well with a beer garden, food court and a crap load of activities for the children. All in all we spent 30 Euros on entrance fees and food, plus a total of 4 hours playing.

which one was having more fun?

Look at that smile!

of course i couldn't resist on making Rhys go down a slide over and over again. That was hilarious not to mention it was scary as hell especially when your butt lifts off the damn thing


Letteers-R-Us said...

That does look like fun!!

Ria and the Fam said...

The pictures are great. That is a great picture of Caden smiling.