Friday, April 17, 2009

Box baby

Last night after dinner Caden was acting real fussy and after several attempts to comfort him, feed him some more, give him a drink and so on i was about to give up when i noticed that i had yet to break down a box. Needless to say a very stressed mother turned around to her 15 month old son and said " That's it i'm shipping you off to Timbuktu and you can bloody stay there for awhile." It's a phrase that i tend to use often with Rhys when he's being his usual little monkey of a self. Turns out that as soon as i put Caden in the box and began to close it he was instantly 10 times happier then before. Though the boy was clearly having to much fun opening and closing the flaps i decided after 20 minutes of having a box baby was enough.
Then today as we were about to leave the house to attend a pot luck morning Caden decided to grace us with his first accident. I'm not quite sure How he managed to do it but he fell and bumped his head. here is a picture of his ear. He has a very nice bruise and lump under his hair but every time that i came close with the camera he would flinch or cry as if i was touching it ha ha. Thankfully there was no stitches involved or emergency room visit's just one long doctor's trip.
Though we had this to deal with this morning i felt very lucky to have Rhys as an older brother for Caden as he comforted him and sat with him for a little while. Unfortunately though as soon as Caden began cheering up Rhys pushed him away which resulted in Caden hitting his poor head again. Typical brotherly love i would say.

After we all got back from seeing the Doctor we all treated ourselves to the muffins that i had made this morning. Both Adam and Rhys had three while myself and Caden behaved and had just the one. Adam especially liked the one that had banana, nut and chocolate chip all together but i'm not quite sure how i mixed that one up. Let's hope the rest of our day is abit slower
You juat can't beat this picture, look at those faces



Letteers-R-Us said...

They are cute little faces! I hope Caden's heals quickly!

ski said...

I tried to mail my kids off too...somehow that statement about NOT shipping live animals applies to kids...who knew?! Hope your day goes smoothly from here on out. Enjoy your long weekend!