Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Big Boy!

After spending a week battling with Caden to sleep in his cot I decided to try him out in a toddler bed. This for me is a huge deal as i personally do not think he is ready but in the past few days he has taken a nap in his brothers bed, slept better in mine and when in his cot screams as if we've abandoned him.
So this morning i started to take one side of his cot down and make his bed up for him which resulted in him instantly crawling on it.

He seems so happy in it especially now that he can get in and out. he looks at me as to say "I'm a BIG BOY now", lets just hope he sleeps tonight once i put up the safety rail.

My baby is growing like a weed!! It's amazing how head strong he is and knows exactly what he wants.