Friday, November 4, 2011

Elim Mission

Two weeks ago I took a trip with 24 others to Elim Mission in Poland. This is a Christian center that runs thanks to donations. The mission seeks to care for the spiritual and physical needs of the people by feeding, clothing, helping the handicapped, providing food-packages and weekly ministries. They also provide a crisis shelter, a Christian coffee lounge, free English school and so on. All of the ministries offered are done so without charge and purely to share Gods Love and Gospel.
I was taken back upon arriving at the mission. It was bought in the early 90's as a very run down old mansion with the majority of the building unsafe and now it is slowly being transformed.
We arrived late on Friday, ate and then got straight to work unloading our vans and restocking the clothing shop. It's truly amazing to see in person and to know that thanks to the help of a lot of families in Stuttgart that some of the families in the area will have warm clothes for the winter.
The trip effected all of us who went, to the point that many of us plan on organising a food drive and making the trip again. It's a place that i intend on taking the family before we leave here as it's such a life changing experience. It definitely leaves you feeling overwhelmed and very thankful for what we do have on a daily basis.

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