Monday, November 21, 2011


Over the last week we've had the boys telling us something that they are thankful for daily and after spending some time researching things on the internet we ended up making our very own THANKFUL TREE.
This was such a great way to teach the boys about being thankful for everything in life as well as giving us a very special new family tradition. It never seems to amaze me just how truly blessed our family are. We have each other, our sweet fur ball Bella, a home, good health and the opportunity of a life time with living in Germany. We can even be thankful for the many obstacles, losses and trials that we've faced this year. That in it's self for us is wonderful!
Slowly but surely Thanksgiving is becoming one of my favourite American Holidays and I'm proud that my children are experiencing both sides of their heritage.
Just a few days till Turkey day as they say!

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