Monday, January 5, 2009

1st Day of Crusin' the Med...

Here we find ourselves enjoying the trip of a life time and already after just 48 hours of being on board we are writing a blog. :) The flight from Germany to Barcelona wasn’t too pleasant but thankfully we made it in one piece, leaving us ready to check in for our transfer to the dock. The boys enjoyed the coach ride as they both sat in their own seats looking out of the window with Rhys screaming, "GO GO GO GO" the whole way through. Once we checked in and filled out the right paperwork, we made our way up to the ship entrance where we had a not so good picture taken by the crew (which you will see at a later date) followed by complimentary champagne.
On arriving at our room we found it decorated with balloons and banners for Caden with a very girly pink and white birthday cake, which went down like a treat. After settling the boys in we adventured around the ship signing up for the spa and getting some much needed dinner, we bumped into our friends and walked for a bit before having a well-deserved beer followed by the opening show in the evening which all four of us enjoyed.

Today seemed to be more relaxed, watching the sun rise and as Adam babysat I indulged into my own world at the spa. We also tried the wine tasting and art auction which was quite fun before letting the kids play with Miles for awhile.
Myself and Katy enjoyed a game of bingo without the cards as we both had electronic ones but the only thing we walked away with was a luggage tag and the bend and poke comment which still makes me laugh now. I guess I had to be the loving wife tonight so Adam and Brad could enjoy some casino time but from what I hear they lucked out. I better be keeping a close eye on Adam.
We will be docking in Civitavecchia, Rome tomorrow morning.

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